Kevin Cramer

Hawaiians have dozens of words for ocean waves. Coloradans have hundreds of words for marijuana. And here in North Dakota, we have a word for how cold it gets right around November:

Kevin Cramer.

Never heard of Kevin Cramer Cold? Don't worry, that's why we started this website. (Also, we started this website because Kevin Cramer didn't bother buying his own domain name.)

Kevin Cramer is so cold…

(How cold is he?)

Kevin Cramer is so cold…he gaslights sexual assault victims to stay warm. He argued that Brett Kavanaugh was fit to serve on the Supreme Court "even if it's all true."

Kevin Cramer is so cold…he’s scared frozen of the NRA. He deleted a tweet that read, "Sending prayers to the families & all those affected by the Dallas shootings” so he could keep his A rating.

Kevin Cramer is so cold…he’s giving farmers goosebumps. He rolled over for President Trump's tariffs on China—where we used to send two-thirds of our soybeans—and wants to slash the crop insurance program, eliminate subsidies on sugar and milk, and roll back the Renewable Fuel Standard.

Kevin Cramer is so cold…he’s numb to the healthcare crisis. Last May, he voted for legislation that would cut critical funding for North Dakota's hospitals, clinics, and community health centers, AND cause 22 million people to lose their health insurance. Republican Senator John Hoeven and Democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp were both opposed to the bill —but maybe that’s because unlike Kevin Cramer , they actually read it.

Kevin Cramer is so cold...he thinks pretending to stand up for the 300,000 North Dakotans with pre-existing conditions is super chill. Even though just last year his response to a North Dakotan was “everyone wants a guarantee that they get what they want. That’s not America.” Even though he’s spent five years voting to remove the protections for North Dakotans with pre-existing conditions. Yup, it wasn’t just last year’s vote. There was this one in 2013 to entirely repeal and defund the Affordable Care Act. Nothing in there about restoring protections for folks with preexisting conditions. Nothing in there about restoring health care coverage to the North Dakotans buying insurance through Medicaid. And then there was this one and this one also in 2013. And this other one in 2015 and don’t forget this one in 2016. Heck, Kevin Cramer even put out a press release saying he voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act—and there was nothingin Kevin Cramer’s press release about protecting folks with pre-existing conditions because the bill Kevin Cramer voted for ... had nothing to do with protecting folks with pre-existing conditions.

Kevin Cramer is so cold...his burns on people with pre-existing conditions will leave you with frost-bite. Like when Kevin Cramer said “we’re not going to allow you to abuse the system just because you have a pre-existing condition.” Or that time he asserted that people with pre-existing conditions are out to “game the system.”

Kevin Cramer is so cold…he thinks being a bully is cool. In an argument with a victim-assistance leader from the Spirit Lake Nation, Cramer told her he wanted to "wring the tribal council's necks and slam them against the wall."

Next time you see Kevin Cramer (say, walking in a random field , being photoshopped onto an oil refinery , or trying very hard to hug Donald Trump) , ask him what he thinks about this website.

Even better, cast an informed vote on November 6th. Make sure you bring the necessary identification , and bundle up—it's Kevin Cramer Cold out there.